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    As you are all aware, the Arabian Horse Society relocated in November 2014 to Unit 12, 40 Bowman Street RICHMOND  NSW  2753
    We have now secured a new Postal Address closer and more convenient to our new premises.  Please forward all future mail to:
    RICHMOND  NSW  2753


    The Board of The AHSA Ltd. wishes to announce that The 2016 Australian National Arabian Championships will be held in NSW at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre commencing Thursday 31st March, concluding Sunday 3rd April 2016 and including the Australian Youth & Non-Pro Championships.
    The 2016 Australian National Arabian Championships Judges
    International Halter Panel Australian Halter/Saddle Panel   Saddle Panel 
    Claudia Darius - Germany Annette Vickery Sheryl Ackerly
    Cindy Reich - USA Mieke Bigg Robyn Parker
    Jack Maritz - South Africa    


    The Board has considered the many difficulties that have become evident with regard to running the Championships. One of the biggest issues is finding and securing a venue suitable for such a large show as there are very few suitable venues in Australia.  The other consideration is the cost due to the number of days required to run the event. Therefore after considerable consideration it has become evident that the most viable way forward is to take the positive step to create the flexibility and possibility for two Championship Shows. The Arabian and Arabian Derivative horses will continue to compete at the Australian National Arabian Championships with the considerations for the flexibility of a Non Pro and Youth designated show – so named the Australian National Arabian Non Pro & Youth Championships with the possibility of being a completely separate show. Please refer to the template for this show as it is a separate proposal.  Groups or affiliates may tender for one or both Shows.
    The document is designed to provide consistency, sustainability and longevity for the event, so that it may retain its uniqueness and integrity for many years to come.

    The Australian National Arabian Champiosnhips Template

    The Australian National Arabian Youth & Non-Pro Championships Template

Latest Updates

  • Statement Regarding NARA

    The AHSA Ltd, as the registry body for Purebred Arabian horses as well as the Arabian Derivative breeds in Australia, has long encouraged individuals as well as organisations or groups promoting Arabian Racing within Australia.  The Arabian racing body NARA is one such group which is an independent body & is not affiliated with The AHSA Ltd.  All concerns and/or enquiries regarding Arabian Racing should be directed to a recognised club or an Arabian racing body within Australia. 
  • SCID Testing Now Available In Australia
Owners of Arabians and those horses/ponies derived from Arabian blood can now get all their genetic testing for SCID, CA & LFS done in Australia.
The University of Qld. now offers SCID, CA & LFS testing which can be done in conjunction with DNA typing or separately.
Practical Horse Genetics now offers SCID, LFS & CA testing.
Forms for all these can be found in the Forms Section of the website - click here.
  • Annual General Meeting
The Arabian horse Society of Australia Ltd. Annual General meeting was held on Sunday 29th march at Richmond Club.  All Board Reports presented at the meeting can be found on the Board Page.  Financial Statements, Membership Data and Registry Data can be found below.
  • Results for The Arabian Horse Society Board Elections 2015/2016
Voting closed 30th January 2015.  Gudrun Martini and Yvonne Downes will be declared elected as Board Members at The Annual General Meeting of The Arabian Horse Society of Austrlaia Ltd.  For a full list of the results, the Returning Officers Report can be viewed here.