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    The Board of The AHSA Ltd. wishes to announce that The 2016 Australian National Arabian Championships will be held in NSW at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre commencing Thursday 31st March, concluding Sunday 3rd April 2016 and including the Australian Youth & Non-Pro Championships.

    The Board has considered the many difficulties that have become evident with regard to running the Championships. One of the biggest issues is finding and securing a venue suitable for such a large show as there are very few suitable venues in Australia.  The other consideration is the cost due to the number of days required to run the event. Therefore after considerable consideration it has become evident that the most viable way forward is to take the positive step to create the flexibility and possibility for two Championship Shows. The Arabian and Arabian Derivative horses will continue to compete at the Australian National Arabian Championships with the considerations for the flexibility of a Non Pro and Youth designated show – so named the Australian National Arabian Non Pro & Youth Championships with the possibility of being a completely separate show. Please refer to the template for this show as it is a separate proposal.  Groups or affiliates may tender for one or both Shows.
    The document is designed to provide consistency, sustainability and longevity for the event, so that it may retain its uniqueness and integrity for many years to come.

    The Australian National Arabian Champiosnhips Template

    The Australian National Arabian Youth & Non-Pro Championships Template

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Latest Updates

  • Annual General Meeting
The Arabian horse Society of Australia Ltd. Annual General meeting was held on Sunday 29th march at Richmond Club.  All Board Reports presented at the meeting can be found on the Board Page.  Financial Statements, Membership Data and Registry Data can be found below.
  • New Website
The AHSA would like to redesign its existing website (  in order to make it more user friendly and relevant to its members as well as turning the site into a more effective promotional tool for people looking for information about Arabian horses in Australia or for those considering purchasing an Arabian horse, or joining the AHSA.
Our members have given us feedback stating that they find the existing site difficult to navigate. We would also like to be able to update the site more easily and frequently as well as expand the amount of content on the site so that it provides targeted information for members and more general information to interested parties.

Interested parties are asked to submit a design proposal, costing, approximate timeline and relevant case studies or portfolio of relevant work. Content criteria and full details can be found here:  Web Design Brief Tender
  • Results for The Arabian Horse Society Board Elections 2015/2016
Voting closed 30th January 2015.  Gudrun Martini and Yvonne Downes will be declared elected as Board Members at The Annual General Meeting of The Arabian Horse Society of Austrlaia Ltd.  For a full list of the results, the Returning Officers Report can be viewed here.
  • Future Championships
The Board of the AHSA met on Sunday7th Feb 2015. One of the agenda items was the Australian National Arabian Championships.  The discussion centred around some of the issues facing organizers and competitors.  After much deliberation the Board approved the following motion:
‘That the Australian National Arabian  Championships will be split into 2 shows -The Australian National Arabian Championships (ANAC) and The Australian Arabian Youth & Non Pro Championships (AYNC). The ANAC show is to bs held late March or 1st week of April and the AYNC show at a negotiable time.
This decision was made due to a number of issues:
1.  Venue - As there are limited venues in Australia that provide the infrastructure required to host an event of this size, splitting the show will make it much easier to rotate and see many more venues suitable.
2.  Cost - As many facilities did not have the required number of permanent stables and due to the high cost of portable stables it is felt that splitting will eliminate the need for this added cost. Also by splitting, the number of days would reduce therefore reducing the ground hire cost.  All these cost reductions would in effect reduce the cost to competitors and possibly allow for a more affordable dispersment of entry fees.
3.  Growth - It is felt that the current arrangement does not allow for growth of the event  due to the time required. However as two shows there is opportunity to grow each show in its own right.
4.  Helpers - It is getting increasingly difficult to get people to assist. By spitting it is possible that those competitors not competing will be able to assist. 
Should you have any queries regarding this decision please contact a Board Member to discuss.  
  • Statement regarding the sale of the AHSA property.
  • Notification regarding the AGM
Due to the much earlier date for the running of the up and coming Australian National Arabian Championships, the Society's auditors have advised that it will be impossible to have the audit finalised in time to meet the constitutional time requirements for notifying members and supplying the necessary financial report that has in the past allowed for the AGM to be held during the Championships.  The AGM will be held at the end of March as usual.  The date, time and location will be advised shortly after the decision is made at the October board meeting and all considerations will be given to allow for as many members as possible to attend.
Allan R Preston - Chairman AHSA 
For the past number of years, the Society has been endeavouring to combat the effects of the world downward economic trend and been looking for alternative income streams. After many vigorous debates, professional advice and the forensic analysis of The Societies financial sustainability the inevitable decision has been made to restructure the office. The sustainability and longevity of the Society is our prime objective. Over the last few years, every effort has been made to cut costs whilst still providing quality service to the members. However, despite conscientious efforts to curtail spending and adopt additional income streams the unfortunate conclusion has be made that the only long term solution is to reduce staff numbers. This decision was not made lightly as all of our staff are valuable. This initial step brings us closer to a stable future. Please be assured that all enquiries and transactions will be handled as efficiently as possible during this transition. We wish Harold and Laura all the best in the future and thank them for their contributions during their time with the Society. Your ongoing support is appreciated.