Board News

  • 2017 Australian Arabian National Championships
Expressions of interest are invited for Affiliates or Groups interested in tendering to conduct the Australian Arabian National Championships in March 2017. Expressions of Interest must be submitted to prior to 13th May 2016 in order for a more detailed submission to be considered. Detailed submissions must be received by the Secretary prior to 30th June 2016 by emailing or posting to P.O. Box 415, Richmond 2753
  • The Arabian Horse Society of Australia Ltd. Annual General Meeting
The Forty-first Annual General meeting of The Arabian Horse Society of Australia Ltd. was be held at The Riders' Retreat, Sydney International Equestrian Centre, Saxony Road, HORSLEY PARK NSW 2175 on Sunday 3rd April 2016.  

All Directors were in attendance, along with fifty plus members.  Outgoing Directors stood down and our newly elected Directors took office.  All AGM Reports can be viewed on the Board Page of the website, while Financial Statements and Membership and Registry Data can be viewed on the Membership Page

  • The Arabian Horse Society of Australia Ltd. Board Elections for 2016/2017
The Arabian Horse Society of Australia Ltd.  2016/2017 Board Elections have concluded and we are pleased to announce that the elected Board Members are:
Glenys Lilley NSW
Marjory Stuart-Smith NSW
Debra Watson QLD (unopposed)
Richard Shipton SA
All elected directors will take office at our AGM in April 2016.
The AHSA Board of Directors congratulates the new directors and also wishes to thank the outgoing Directors for their invaluable knowledge, time and willingness to serve the Members of The AHSA Ltd.
The election was managed by Elections Australia Pty Ltd and a full Report from Election Australia Pty Ltd can be found here.

  • AHSA Rewards Program
The AHSA has worked hard to bring exciting benefits to Full Members and Life Members of the “Arabian Horse Society”, with the AHSA Rewards Program.  You can save up to $10,000 from leading Australian retailers.
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These exclusive offers are ONLY available to 2016 Full Members and Life Members.  To start saving, then you can register by going to our AHSA Rewards Login page here.  (please allow time for your membership to be processed and logged into the rewards system - you will receive an email to advise you when you can register)
If you are an Associate, Concession or Junior AHSA Member and wish to join the program, then you can upgrade your AHSA Membership to do so.  Call the AHSA Office and the staff will advise you how.
  • Statement Regarding NARA
The AHSA Ltd, as the registry body for Purebred Arabian horses as well as the Arabian Derivative breeds in Australia, has long encouraged individuals as well as organisations or groups promoting Arabian Racing within Australia.  The Arabian racing body NARA is one such group which is an independent body & is not affiliated with The AHSA Ltd.  All concerns and/or enquiries regarding Arabian Racing should be directed to a recognised club or an Arabian racing body within Australia. 
Sydney International Equestrian Centre in Horsley Park, NSW is once again the proud host venue for the 2016 Australian Arabian National Championships. Commencing on Wednesday 30 March and concluding Sunday 03 April, this five-day event will encompass a full schedule of classes for Arabians & Arabian Derivatives, as well as Youth & Non-Pro Exhibitors. As an exciting and ambitious new addition, the Championships will be held in conjunction with the Stars of the Southern Sky Equine Celebration, featuring the Stud Book Pony Festival on Saturday, the Coloured Breeds Festival on Sunday & the Western Sydney Youth & Family Festival. 
Timetables, Dressage Draws are available to view and download now at: and Results are being added daily.

Registry News

The Arabian Performance Index is an initiative of the Society which acknowledges the Arabian ancestry of horses which contain less than 12.45% recorded Arabian breeding and which are not eligible for registration in any of the Arabian Derivative registries.
Arabian Performance Index recorded horses and ponies are eligible to compete in any class not specified for any particular Arabian Derivative registry. They are not eligible to compete in classes listed as being restricted to Purebred Arabians, Half Arabians, Partbred Arabians, Arabian Ponies, Arabian Riding Ponies, Anglo Arabians, Arabian Warmbloods, Arabian Stock Horses or Quarabs. They may be used in Junior Handler classes etc.
Horses eligible for registration in the Half Arabian registry must have one Purebred Arabian parent. Horses with one Purebred parent may be registered in the Half Arabian or one of the other Arabian Derivative registries depending on the breeding of the other parent.
Half Arabians competing in Half Arabian classes will be judged on Arabian Type as well as conformation and movement.
Horses registered in the Half Arabian Registry must compete in Half Arabian classes where they are offered at a show. Where no Half Arabian classes are provided then horses registered as Half Arabians may compete in the classes offered for their base registry as noted on the Certificate of Registration eg Arabian Pony breeding and will be judged in those classes as per the rules pertaining to that registry ie not with an Arabian type component. Horses cannot compete in both Half Arabian and another registry classes at the same show.

  • SCID Testing Now Available In Australia
Owners of Arabians and those horses/ponies derived from Arabian blood can now get all their genetic testing for SCID, CA & LFS done in Australia.
The University of Qld. now offers SCID, CA & LFS testing which can be done in conjunction with DNA typing or separately.
Practical Horse Genetics now offers SCID, LFS & CA testing.
Forms for all these can be found in the Forms Section of the website - click here.