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Statement regarding the sale of the AHSA property.

The Directors of the AHSA are pleased to announce that the asking price for the Windsor property has been met and contracts have been exchanged for the sale of the property. The perfect timing of this sale allows for the purchase of a very suitable property at Richmond that we have had our eye on and have inspected several times. The new office is in a modern complex fulfilling all the requirements for the progressive future offered in relocating the AHSA.

Contracts for the purchase are now being drawn up and the move is planned to go ahead in the next few weeks. Once the move is completed, there will be a grand opening for members to view the new hub of operations for the Society. The new location allows for the post office box, banking and phone numbers to remain the same. It also allows for ease of relocation of the office needs that should equate to delivering a smooth transition for the move with little, if any, disruption in services to our members. The new office space offers an exciting future for the Society, with a fresh modern look that promises more manageable and sustainable premises that will aid in the stability of a healthy future and progressive longevity for the AHSA.

The purchase price of the new premises leaves a healthy amount of equity left over to purchase a secondary investment property for the Society that will yield a much needed regular secondary income. The search for this secondary property can commence that we now know what funds with which we have to work. Please know that we will keep the Membership informed as things progress.

Allan Preston - Chairman AHSA

Notification regarding the AGM

Due to the much earlier date for the running of the up and coming Australian National Arabian Championships, the Society's auditors have advised that it will be impossible to have the audit finalised in time to meet the constitutional time requirements for notifying members and supplying the necessary financial report that has in the past allowed for the AGM to be held during the Championships.  The AGM will be held at the end of March as usual.  The date, time and location will be advised shortly after the decision is made at the October board meeting and all considerations will be given to allow for as many members as possible to attend.

Allan R Preston - Chairman AHSA 

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Chairmans Statement Regarding the Building

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For the past number of years, the Society has been endeavouring to combat the effects of the world downward economic trend and been looking for alternative income streams. After many vigorous debates, professional advice and the forensic analysis of The Societies financial sustainability the inevitable decision has been made to restructure the office. The sustainability and longevity of the Society is our prime objective. Over the last few years, every effort has been made to cut costs whilst still providing quality service to the members. However, despite conscientious efforts to curtail spending and adopt additional income streams the unfortunate conclusion has be made that the only long term solution is to reduce staff numbers. This decision was not made lightly as all of our staff are valuable. This initial step brings us closer to a stable future. Please be assured that all enquiries and transactions will be handled as efficiently as possible during this transition. We wish Harold and Laura all the best in the future and thank them for their contributions during their time with the Society. Your ongoing support is appreciated.