Affiliate Insurance - Procedure and Forms

Those who are members, officials and voluntary workers of AHSA and AHSA Affiliate Organisations are covered whilst attending events organised and/or run by an AHSA Affiliate Organisation and participating in approved club activities authorised and/or sanctioned by the AHSA Ltd. where they are liable for causing bodily injury or property damage to others. (This does not cover liability whilst travelling to and from such an event).  Affiliate Organisation Insurance information can be found here.

Gow Gates have provided a Risk Management Information Package to assist Affiliated Clubs in providing an appropriate Duty Of Care to their participants. Please read the following information and use as required:

The following forms are for use by Affiliate Organisations and their Members for smooth transactions with The AHSA Ltd. and Gow Gates Insurance Brokers.

An Event Notification Calendar forms part of your Affiliation Agreement and should be completed at the time of renewal. This calendar MUST list each "horse" event. It can be amended or updated at any time throughout the year. All Events should be advised AT LEAST 30 days prior to the Event. The form advises the AHSA and Gow Gates of all important information about your event(s). Events not notified or notified within a week of the event may not be sanctioned or insured.  An Event Notification Calendar can be found here.

A Release and Waiver of Liability can be found here.  This Release and Waiver of Liability now forms AHSA and AHSA Affiliate Members Conditions of Membership and must be completed by EVERY Member at least once during the year and kept on file by the affiliate.  It should be either included on Affiliate Membership Applications or completed seperately and kept on file accordingly.

From 1st January 2017, for Insurance purposes, Participants at Society or Affiliate “Arabian” Shows, must be current financial members of the AHSA or an AHSA Affiliate.  The AHSA has introduced a new Participation Membership category within the Society’s Direct Membership for handlers, riders, strappers etc. to participate. This membership is for Insurance purposes only and costs $30.00.  Please refer to the Membership Pages for further information.

(updated 30/3/17) At AHSA or AHSA Affiliate “Open Events” only (“Open Event” shall mean a Non-Arabian event including Dressage, Hacking, Rider and Harness classes only, or otherwise agreed by the Arabian Horse Society of Australia Ltd.), participants must be current financial members of the AHSA or an AHSA Affiliate. Where a competitor is covered by Public Liability Insurance from another organisation eg. EA, SHC etc. a Liability Declaration can be completed and submitted with proof of Membership. Where no such Insurance exists, the participant must apply for Day Membership and submit the appropriate fee. At this time, they are deemed to be “Members of that Affiliate” for the duration of that event only. Protection is afforded to the Day Member under the AHSA’s public liability policy only during such activities where they are liable for causing bodily injury or property damage to others.”

What this means is that, at “open events”, you need to check:

  • Is this person an AHSA Member ?
  • If not, are they an Affiliate Member ?
  • If not, they MUST complete a Liability Declaration and either:
    • advise if they have adequate Public Liability Insurance through another organisation (and provide proof of same) OR ?
    • advise that they do not have adequate Insurance and complete the additional Application for Day Members at “Open Events” Only and submit the relevant fee of $11.00 per person per day.

Any Day Members Applications must be kept on file by your Committee Secretary for future reference if required. All Day Members Fees must be recorded on a Remittance Form and remitted to The AHSA within 30 days of the event.