Arabian Racehorse of the Year

Arabian Racehorse of the Year

The nominated horse must be a living, registered Purebred Arabian, born and resident in Australia. This horse must have been an outstanding representative in ARABIAN racing, with performance that ideally would be recognised overseas and/or outside the Arabian industry. The horse must be registered in the current owners name and the current owner must be a member of the AHSA Ltd.

 Arabian Racehorse of the Year
 2018 - Lindall La Vita F31400                                 Owner: Christine Ablett                            Breeder: Lynette Judith Hall          


 Previous Arabian Racehorse of the Year Winners
 2017 - Aloha Desert Jewel F28684  Owner: Jill Colwell                    Breeders: Mary and James Triggs  


Being that 2017 was the first year of these awards, the Board is pleased to also acknowledge other nominations with the recognition they so deserve.

 Arabian Racehorse Lifetime Achievement Award
 2018 - Reid River R-Mani G23956 Owner: Cassie Saunders      Breeders: Keith Raymond & Melissa Anne Reid          


 Previous Arabian Racehorse Lifetime Achievement Award Winners
 2017 - Franshar Park K Shar G18685  Owner:Virginia Dodson                Breeders: Frank and Sharyn Farrugia