Honorary Life Members

Honorary Life Members
Any person who in the opinion of the Board has rendered special services of at least ten consecutive years to the Society and the Arabian breed of horses may be appointed as an Honorary Life Member by that Board.

 Honorary Life Members of The Arabian Horse Society of Australia Ltd.
1967 Mrs A D D Maclean
1972 Mrs E E Hirst
          Mr William J B Murphy
1973 Mrs Jean Luckock
          Mr George Prince
1976 Mr John A Wyatt
1979 Mr Leo A Campbell
          Mr Charles C Readhead
          Mr Paul S James
          Mr Grant M Cockburn
1982 Mr John H Mathiske
1986 Dr Francis R Staunton
1992  Mrs Lesley W Dowey
1993  Mrs Valerie Males
           Mr Ronald P Males
           Mr Peter J Pond
           Mr Charles H D Nye
1995  Mrs Elwyn Bligh
           Mrs Christine Ros
           Mrs Marion Sharman
           Mr Thomas Sharman
1998  Mrs Hilary Nichol
           Mrs Patricia Slater
           Mrs Coralie Gordon
2000  Mr Keith Snell
           Mrs Sarah A George
2001  Mrs Cecily A Cornish
           Mrs Rhoda M Sayer
2002  Mrs Maria Bennett-Elliott
2004  Mr Terence Canacott
2005  Mr Peter Absell 
           Mrs Elizabeth Staunton
           Mrs Lyn Bailey
2007  Mrs Erica Williams
           Mrs Gloria Lanigan
           Mr Raymond Smith
2008  Mrs Tanya Hawley
           Mrs Wendy Carins
2009  Mr Laurie Nicolle
2010  Bro Peter McIntosh
2011  Miss Katherine Luckock
           Mrs Jacqueline Marsh
2013  Mrs Narelle Kinnear 
           Mrs Lorraine Currie
2014  Mrs Sharon Meyers
           Ms Selina Ahel
           Mrs Jill Bromley
2016  Ms K McMahon
2017  Mr Allan Preston
           Mrs Marian Duncan
2018  Mrs Leonie Williamson
           Ms Helen Dohan
2019  Mrs Debra Watson
           Mr Gregory Farrell