Member Benefits


Can Register,
Transfer and
Arabian Mares, all Stallions and Foal Recorded Colts
Can Register,
Transfer and    Lease  All Geldings, Arabian Derivative Mares and all Performance Horse Recordings
Have Voting Rights
Receives The
Australian Arabian Horse News Magazine 
Can show their Registered Arabian at any event conducted under the
Rules of The AHSA 
Can Participate at any AHSA or AHSA Affiliate Event
Ordinary Member   X  X X X
Associate Member     X  X  X X
Panel Judge Member         X X  X   X
Junior Member   Mares only  X    X X  X X
Company Member  X  X  X    X  X X
Overseas Member  X  X  X    X  X X
Concession Members X X X X X X X
Life Member X X X X X X X
Participant Member       X     X
Friends of The Arabian Horse         X    
AHSA Affiliate Members       Whilst at AHSA Affiliate Events Only     At AHSA Affiliate Events Only


Personal Liability Insurance

Ordinary, Associate, Panel Judge, Junior, Life and Participant Members of the AHSA are automatically insured for Personal Liability in respect of their personal equestrian related activities, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, provided that they are normally domiciled in Australia and they are not deriving an income from those activites.