From:  The WAHO Office
To:  All WAHO Registering Authority Members and Applying Members, and all Associate Members
Dear Colleagues and Friends,
First of all, we hope this email finds you safe and in good health.
We are writing to inform you that following recent discussions between WAHO and our generous hosts at the Royal Jordanian Equestrian Federation, and after much deliberation, the decision has been made to postpone the 2021 WAHO Jordan Conference and 2021 WAHO World Registrars Meeting.  This is obviously due to the uncertainties regarding the course the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic will take over the coming months. 
At present, due to the very strict lockdown in Jordan, it is simply not possible for our hosts to finalize their plans.  This means we cannot prepare the conference brochures, registration forms and so on, which we would normally be doing now, one year in advance of a WAHO Conference.  If we did go ahead with the October 2021 dates as planned, and then have to cancel, it would cause far more disruption for our hosts and our Members than to announce a postponement now.  As you can imagine, this decision was not taken lightly.
The current plan is to rearrange suitable dates for the WAHO Jordan Conference to be held either in Spring 2022, perhaps late March or early April, or if necessary to postpone for a full year to early October 2022.  As we do not yet know how long it will take for an effective vaccine to be universally available, and when the many and various international travel restrictions to and from all our Member countries will be lifted, it is clearly not sensible to select and announce new dates until the situation is a bit more clear.  It is hoped that by early next year it will be possible to decide on this.  We will of course keep you informed.
We will also be informing our Individual Members about this, but please feel free to inform your own members accordingly.
Please do not hesitate to contact the WAHO Office if you have any queries.
With kind regards
Katrina Murray
Executive Secretary, WAHO