2021 Arabian Derivative Ambassador - Gleniph Tiramisu

Gleniph Tiramisu (affectionately known as “Sue”) won her first supreme champion at her very first show – the Petstock Foal Show – as a weanling and has never looked back in her performance career. She has been a multi supreme championship winner both led and ridden at countless shows across Australia.

As an open horse, Sue has won countless Champion open show Hunter Galloway awards, and has placed highly in Hunter Galloways at the Melbourne Royal, Adelaide Royal and Geelong Royal. She is also a multi Royal champion led and ridden buckskin.

As a dressage horse, Sue has excelled and has been in the top 5 horses in the country in young horse pony dressage at Australia’s premier dressage competition – Dressage with the Stars – both as a 4 y.o and 5 y.o. horse and is now aiming for the 6 y.o class this season.

Sue has represented the Arabian horse breed in open class events with great success demonstrating the natural ability of Arabian horse to perform at the highest level of local, regional and national competition. Tiramisu displays the beauty of Arabian horses in form, and the elegance and power of extended, energetic movement complimented by comprehension and alertness to the task at hand – be it led or ridden. As a ridden horse, Sue demonstrates controlled movement achieved through the ability of the Arabian horse to absorb and display precision training and education – a breed characteristic of these intelligent horses.

Tiramisu genuinely enjoys and thrives on exercise, training and competition and demonstrates a real closeness with rider and owner. She is a friend to all and well known within the Arabian horse community.

Through her performances within the Arabian community and the wider open community, Sue acts as an Ambassador for all Arabian horses within the broader horse world and represents the breed at the highest standard.

Tiramisu has competed in many Arabian an d Open championships during her career. The following is a list of the more significant achievements to date:

2013 National Stud Show– Champion Junior Partbred Arabian filly

2014 National Arabian Stud Show  – Reserve Champion led Junior partbred filly

2014 Victorian Classic – Champion Partbred Arabian filly

2014 East Coast Championships – Champion led Yearling filly

2015 East Coast Championships – Reserve East Coast Champion Jnr Partbred filly

2016NationalStudShow– Champion Led partbred mare, Champion Ridden Part Bred mare, Reserve Champion Show hunter, Champion open ridden horse, Winner of the Ralvon Melody Sash and the Kahlua Sash

2016 East Coast Championships – Champion Camelot Challenge winner (led/ridden challenge)

2017 National Capital Championship Champion Led Partbred, Supreme Champion Led, Champion ridden Partbred, Champion ridden young horse, Supreme Champion ridden young horse, Champion show hunter Galloway

2017 Victorian Classic – Champion led partbred mare, Supreme Champion led, Shiranna Sash Winner

2017 East Coast Championships– Reserve Champion Led Partbred, Reserve BPH, Reserve Champion Show hunter, Champion Ridden by a non pro, Champion ridden part bred, Runner up Supreme partbred ridden, Reserve Champion ridden Young Horse

2017 Australian National Arabian Championships –Champion Led Derivative shown by a youth, Champion ridden Derivative shown by a youth, Champion show hunter ridden by a youth, Champion BPH ridden by a youth

2017 Adelaide Royal Show, Melbourne Royal Show– placing in all open Hunter Galloway classes.

2018 VASA Hack Championships– Champion Childs Show hunter Galloway, Barastoc EA HOTY Championships, Top 10 Hunter Galloway, Top 10 Prelim Hunter Galloway

2018 East Coast Championships– Champion Ridden partbred mare, Champion of Champions ridden Partbred, Champion ridden show hunter Galloway mare, Champion of champion ridden show hunter, Champion BPH Galloway mare, Champion of Champions BPH, Grand Champion saddle horse

2018AustralianNationalArabianChampionships-Gold Champion Ridden Partbred Arabian, Gold Champion BPH, Gold Champion Show hunter, Reserve Champion ridden Prelim dressage, Reserve Champion ridden Silver Snaffle, Silver Champion in the Trincada Strike Challenge, Bronze Champion in the Twist of Fate Challenge.

2018 Arabian Extravaganza – Supreme Champion Ridden Deriviative, LP Design Cup – Champion, Champion BPH Derivative, Reserve Champion 5 & 6 y.o. Derivative Challenge, Champion led partbred mare, Champion ridden derivative female.

2018 Goulburn Valley Championships – Champion Led partbred mare, Champion Ridden derivative mare, Champion non-pro ridden derivative, Supreme Champion Ridden exhibit.

2018 Goulburn Valley Muster– Reserve Champion Led derivative mare, Champion Ridden derivative mare, Reserve champion non-pro ridden derivative, Supreme Champion Ridden exhibit.

2018 Geelong Royal – Reserve Champion Led derivative galloway, Champion Ridden derivative galloway, Champion Led Buckskin section A, Supreme led buckskin section A, Champion ridden Buckskin, Best novice galloway.

2018 Royal Melbourne Show – Placing in all open Hunter Galloway classes.

2018 Macquarie BankHack Championship – Top 5 Young horse, Top 10 Child’s galloway, Top 5 Open Hunter small galloway.

2018 Dressage with The Stars – 5th 5yo young dressage pony, 1st lead.

2018 National Arabian Stud Show– Champion led Partbred, Champion ridden Partbred, Champion Led and ridden non-pro, Runner-up Greenhalgh Memorial Sash,

2018 Victorian Dressage Festival – 3rd in Six year old pony

2019 VASA– Hack Championships – Reserve Champion show hunter Galloway, 3rd in ridden amateur owner show hunter Galloway

2019 East Coast Championships– Champion ridden Partbred Mare, Supreme Ridden Partbred, Champion derivative BPH, Supreme BPH, Reserve Champion ridden Partbred non-pro, Reserve Champion derivative freestyle, Champion NPTH led derivative female, Champion ridden show hunter Galloway, Runner up Supreme show hunter

2019 Australian National Arabian Championships – Champion Partbred senior mare, Champion derivativeBPH Galloway, Champion Derivative senior led NPTH, Reserve Champion derivative ridden NPTR, Musical ridden freestyle Jackpot Champion, Gold Champion derivative versatility challenge

2019 Dressage with the Stars – Runner up Champion 6 y.o pony

2019 Sydney Royal – 4th Childs hunter Galloway, Champion ridden derivative, Best ridden Buckskin

2019 Bathurst Royal – Champion novice Hunter Galloway, Reserve Champion led Buckskin mare, Champion ridden Buckskin, Reserve Champion led derivative mare, 1st ridden derivative Galloway

2019 Tatura Dressage Championship – Champion FEI Pony

2019 Melbourne Royal – 4th novice Hunter Galloway, 5th Open 14-14.2hh Hunter Galloway, 4th Hunter Galloway mare, 2nd Ladies Hunter Galloway, 4th Childs Hunter Galloway 2019GoulburnValleyChampionships – Supreme Overall saddle horse

2019 NSW State Titles – 2nd Medium dressage, Champion Partbred led mare, Champion derivative non-pro led mare, Champion ridden Partbred mare

2019 Geelong Royal  –  1st  Hunter  Galloway  14-14.2hh,  Champion  Hunter  Galloway 2019 National Arabian Stud Show – Champion medium dressage, Champion BPH, Champion show hunter, Champion Partbred mare, Winner of Ralvon Melody sash, Champion ridden Partbred, Winner of the Maxwell sash

2019 National Capital Show – Grand Champion saddle horse, Champion led derivative NPTH, Winner of Freestyle Challenge, Reserve Champion Jackpot ridden challenge, Champion led Partbred mare, Supreme led Partbred, Champion ridden Partbred, Supreme ridden derivative, Winner of Senior ridden challenge

2020 East Coast Arabian Championship – Grand Champion saddle horse of Show, Champion medium 4A dressage (71.81%), Champion non-pro senior derivative, Runner up Supreme NPTH, Champion led Partbred mare, Champion ridden BPH, Reserve Champion freestyle, Winner of Shiranna Sash, Supreme ridden Partbred

2020  East  Coast  Arabian  Championship  –  Awarded  Triple  Crown  ridden  Partbred

2020 Australian National Championships – Gold Champion led Partbred senior mare, Gold Champion ridden Partbred, Gold Champion BPH Galloway, Gold Champion Show hunter Galloway, Gold Arabian derivative Versatility Challenge (2nd year running), Reserve Champion medium tour dressage, Bronze Ultra Arabian derivative challenge

2020  Lakes & Craters Dressage – 3rd medium 4A, 2nd medium 4B

2020 Tatura HyGain Dressage – 2nd medium A, 2nd medium B

2020 Equestrian Victoria Spring Show – 1st ridden Hunter Galloway