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Our Mission

At the heart of our mission is a deep respect for the purity of Arabian Horses in Australia. We’re not just about maintaining records and promoting these magnificent creatures. We’re about creating a community that values their unique heritage and contributes to their future.

We’re passionate about everything Arabian Horses represent. From their breeding and exhibition to their health and nutrition, we’re committed to promoting their interests and enhancing their popularity. We believe in the power of collaboration and actively seek to establish relationships with societies that share our objectives.

Our commitment extends to the welfare of all horses in the equine industry. We take pride in organizing competitions and events that showcase the beauty and strength of Arabian Bred Horses. We also recognize and celebrate outstanding achievements in these events, including the prestigious Australian Arabian National Championship Shows.

Education is a key part of our mission. We’re dedicated to training individuals to become competent judges of Arabian Bred Horses. But our educational efforts don’t stop there. We also develop publicity and educational programs to spread awareness about the proper care and propagation of these horses.

Get Involved!

There are several ways you can support our mission:

Become a Member:
Join our society to directly contribute to our efforts.
As a member, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in our events and initiatives. more info

Sponsor or Donate:
We rely on the generosity of individuals to fund our programs and initiatives.
Every donation or sponsorship, no matter how small, helps us in our mission. more info

We always appreciate the help of volunteers in organizing events, conducting research,
and carrying out our educational programs. click here

Spread the Word:
Help us raise awareness about Arabian Horses and the work we do by sharing information
with your friends, family, and social networks.

Participate in Our Events:
By participating in our events, you’re not only having fun but also supporting our cause.

Remember, every bit of support counts and helps us make a difference in the lives of Arabian Horses in Australia.
Thank you for your interest in our mission!

Dream it, Do it, with an Arabian Horse