AHSA Affiliates

The Arabian Horse Society of Australia Ltd. has Affiliate Clubs in most States and Regions who organise horse shows, parades, social and educational opportunities that also promote the Australian Arabian Horse at the local level. At present, The Arabian Horse Society of Australia Ltd. has approximately 30 Affiliates and is very proud of this strong affiliate base throughout Australia.

Why not share the love and appreciation of the wonderful Arabian Horse with others at one of these fantastic affiliate clubs while networking with other owners and breeders to enhance your knowledge about the Arabian Breed. As an Affiliate Club Member you can participate at any other Affiliate Show/Event/Activity and also have access the AHSA Ltd’s exclusive insurance scheme.

Affiliate Clubs play an important role in the growth of membership and the grass roots showing of Arabian Horses. Many AHSA Ltd. Members are also members of their local and/or state affiliate which only helps to grow the Arabian Horse Family even more.