Australian Arabian Roll Of Merit - Supreme Champions

In the mid 1980’s, The Arabian Horse Society of Australia Ltd. initiated The Australian Arabian Roll of Merit (AAROM) scheme.  The AAROM was designed to record and recognise meritorious performance by Arabian-bred horses in Australia.

The scheme was open to any horse registered with the AHSA Ltd. who was two years old or over.  Owners paid a once only nomination fee and gained points in the four sections of: HALTER, PERFORMANCE, WORKING and PROGENY.  Points were/are awarded in each section according to the classification of the Show/Event.  Certificates, and Trophies were/are awarded in each section at 2 levels: “MERIT” and “CHAMPION”, and were/are available for purchase.  In addition, a final level of “SUPREME CHAMPION” could/can be reached for horses that achieve Championships in three  of the four Sections (As the progeny section does not apply to geldings, they could/can achieve their supreme status with one Champion in the Halter Section and two Champions from either of the other two Sections).

New Applications for The AAROM have now closed, however, the AHSA encourages all owners of horses already entered on the Roll to continue participating and strive to reach their AAROM Goals.

The Arabian Horse Society of Australia Ltd would like to recognise all participants of The AAROM and congratulate all horses who have achieved Merit and/or Champion status in the four sections of AAROM.  The AHSA would especially like to Congratulate and Honour all horses entered on The AAROM who have achieved Supreme Champion status over the years and list them here for recognition of this very prestigious achievement.

PLEASE NOTE:  The following list was extracted from our current AAROM database.  Due to many Supreme Champion Awards being achieved prior to the database, there are quite a few AAROM Supreme Champions not yet listed below.  These Supreme Champions will be added in time so please check back if your horse or a horse you know is not yet listed.

Horse Registration Name and Number Awarded Registered Owner
ARKAB LIGHT  S3297 Supreme Awarded: 18/01/1986 Peta Bickford
CHIP CHASE JEHANE  S1717 Supreme Awarded: 1986 Guillaume & Christine Ros
SEAFORD CREST PS8714 Supreme Awarded: 1988 Maureen C Milburn
AROWANA MAMARAGAN S3123 Supreme Awarded: 11/8/1988 Alan Roy Lindsay
ALOHA MALIK  S7328 Supreme Awarded: 1/02/1989 Shirley-Anne Benson & Karen Fiona Ward
CHIP CHASE NILE CONSORT  S7284 Supreme Awarded: 1989 Guillaume & Christine Ros
ROS STARFIRE  F3753 Supreme Awarded: 1989 Guillaume & Christine Ros
POLDARK  S5046 Supreme Awarded: 10/02/1993 Geoffrey Brandwood & Jodi G E Dewick
KENTUCKY MEADOWS MELINDA  PF16493 Supreme Awarded: 2/03/1993 Carol Linden
ARABESQUE LE DUC  AG1112 Supreme Awarded: 1/04/1993 Sharron & Phillip Ross Allen
KINTAMANI RAD  G7782 Supreme Awarded: 18/05/1993 Anthony G & Jillian D Read
ENNOVYAR BOLD BEY  G9726 Supreme Awarded: 10/08/1993 Raymond Leo & Yvonne Dorothy Downes
PROUD ONE  PG14406 Supreme Awarded: 11/08/1993 Raymond Leo & Yvonne Dorothy Downes
DIALA GLEN EVITA  F5520 Supreme Awarded: 27/09/1993 Roslyn Margaret Durrant
JAMAICA GRANITE  AS614 Supreme Awarded: 30/09/1993 Kylie Ann Dengate
JAHAHN RAZADAH  S12124 Supreme Awarded: 24/11/1993 Anthony E & Janice K Hanna
NARI COSMO  PG20484 Supreme Awarded: 27/01/1994 Julie-Anne Greening
TENNYSON CLUTE  PG17224 Supreme Awarded: 20/04/1994 Lee Bronwyn Evans
SHAUQI SILVER BUB  APS673 Supreme Awarded: 21/04/1994 Rhonda Dorothy Cook
AMSTEL PHARAOH  G7365 Supreme Awarded: 3/05/1994 Bianca Jane Cahill
DJEMUR SUMMER STORM  AG1452 Supreme Awarded: 10/01/1995 Yvonne J Dinnage
LYNDALE BEY NYMPH  F8617 Supreme Awarded: 15/02/1995 Katherine Jane Stokes
INSHALLAH SOLITAIRE  F6833 Supreme Awarded: 27/04/1995 Larry M & Marillyn D O’Dea
SHARINGA SCARLET  APF872 Supreme Awarded: 2/05/1995 Debbie Cameron
ALOHA TITAN  AG1486 Supreme Awarded: 22/05/1995 Heather A Ip & Jane E Clegg
WARRONDI NATION  AG1531 Supreme Awarded: 1/10/1995 Susan Ann Roberts
SUNLAND AUSTRALIAN AMBASSADOR  S10043 Supreme Awarded: 9/11/1995 Narelle Sue Kinnear
CHEROX BEYRHANI  G12376 Supreme Awarded: 27/05/1996 Tamara Thurling
ERIN PARK ARCHER  G11835 Supreme Awarded: 30/05/1996 Frank Murphy
EURAMAN RA-IB  PG17792 Supreme Awarded: 30/05/1996 Lise J R & John C Leatherbarrow
MANDALA SHAH AZAL  G15065 Supreme Awarded: 27/11/1996 Kathryn, Brett, Summer & Skyla Cox
ISTVAN ROSE  AF1723 Supreme Awarded: 25/02/1997 Kim Elaine Anning
KOALA LODGE MORGAN  G8184 Supreme Awarded: 26/02/1997 Stefanie Rolfe
KATHMAR PARK CLONTARF  G8114 Supreme Awarded: 29/07/1997 Austin Joseph & Margaret Douglas Mcmahon
INSHALLAH ENCORE  G15342 Supreme Awarded: 19/01/1998 Suzanne J M Lazar
BEAUFORT LEGEND  PG20880 Supreme Awarded: 21/01/1998 Nicole Sarah Elliott
ARUNDEL HOUSE ZERMAT  S12563 Supreme Awarded: 13/05/1998 Kathleen Betty Harding
RICVAL SAHARRI  G6947 Supreme Awarded: 01/08/1999 Suzanne Fearon
MT CARMEL NICHOLAS  S10767 Supreme Awarded: 30/05/2000 Bruce D & Leonie K Slattery
ELENBEE’S R-SON  G12382 Supreme Awarded: 2/06/2000 Kerry Ann Landers
KORDELLA PARK JOSHUA  PG21067 Supreme Awarded: 24/07/2000 Gienia Maryanne Gibson
MOONDARRA LIMELIGHT  S14867 Supreme Awarded: 4/12/2000 Katrina Phillips, Ashleigh Jo Poole & Gennaveve Michelle Sullivan
CINTRA MABROUK  PG19745 Supreme Awarded: 13/12/2000 Christine Ruse-Martin
BLUEGRASS DANTAR  G13125 Supreme Awarded: 14/12/2000 Pamula Lewis
COOL BREEZE PETER PAN  APG1183 Supreme Awarded: 3/11/2001 Estate of The Late Jennifer M Campbell
BENAUR CALLIGRAPHY  AF2505 Supreme Awarded: 5/01/2002 Elizabeth Jane Bloomfield
ROBALI DARGEELING  S17658 Supreme Awarded: 28/05/2004 Jane Lovell
SUNARAI INTRIGUE  G14910 Supreme Awarded: 8/10/2004 Hayley Michelle Hayhow
NANGANA MADOUKHAR  PG22127 Supreme Awarded: 8/11/2004 Alison Clair Turner
CRYSTAL CHIC  PF23216 Supreme Awarded: 13/12/2004 Jade Amos
MAHUSKA  PS21806 Supreme Awarded: 28/06/2005 Joylene Therese Dudink
AKHU  S1195 Supreme Awarded: 6/08/2005 Pamela Avon Morris
SALAM KADESH  S14223 Supreme Awarded: 19/09/2005 Helen M Cameron & John D Robertson
CARDI JAHEELE  G2582 Supreme Awarded: 29/05/2006 John Chatterton
CAROLI’S JENNAH  PF23617 Supreme Awarded: 15/09/2006 Jane Catherine Bayliss
CEDARWOOD LODGE KUMAIT  G19749 Supreme Awarded: 26/09/2006 Kristin & Silvio Galea
SUNDALE SHIVANAH  SHF43 Supreme Awarded: 8/01/2007 Jan Eda Henley & Natasha Anne & Melissa Janet Ellery
KIMARRA DESTINY  G22546 Supreme Awarded: 8/01/2007 Kerry Ann Landers
SUNDALE NEPTUNE  AG3062 Supreme Awarded: 8/07/2007 Jan Eda Henley & Natasha Anne & Melissa Janet Ellery
YAMEGI ADONIS  S7152 Supreme Awarded: 8/07/2007 Jules Enterprises Pty Ltd
LLANGOLLEN RIVERDANCE  APG1864 Supreme Awarded: 3/08/2007 Janelle Calder
SUNDALE TASKHIEM  G6601 Supreme Awarded: 7/08/2007 Jan Eda Henley & Natasha Anne & Melissa Janet Ellery
MISS MONEYPENNY  PF26626 Supreme Awarded: 10/01/2008 Jane Catherine Bayliss
RALVON REVIEW  AS664 Supreme Awarded: 23/07/2008 The Estate of Lyn Barbara & Adrian Warren Bailey
ERIN PARK VALENTINE  AG2341 Supreme Awarded: 30/01/2009 Frank Murphy
ALOHA TAMEN  AG2217 Supreme Awarded: 28/07/2009 Sonya Ardill
ARABESQUE MOMENTS OF BLISS  PF26234 Supreme Awarded: 29/07/2009 Lisa Roberta Bloch
WEST COAST ACHARON  S21005 Supreme Awarded: 7/10/2009 Jane Naomi & Dr Norbert Romuald Radny
PERISCOPE  AG2874 Supreme Awarded: 20/10/2009 Lisa Roberta Bloch
CANEAGLE HASAD  S10779 Supreme Awarded: 4/01/2010 Kim Eleanor Cox
ALOHA SUNDOWNER  AQG56 Supreme Awarded: 6/08/2010 Details Withheld
ROS JEWEL  F17121 Supreme Awarded: 28/10/2010 Dr Odette Williams
SHALIZAR  G23185 Supreme Awarded: 14/12/2010 Marie Benson, Jody Pickering & Emma Trickey
ROS STARGLOW  F14146 Supreme Awarded: 17/03/2011 Dr Odette Williams
MARNEROSS LA DOLCE VITA  F24435 Supreme Awarded: 13/04/2011 Katrina & Ashley Webb
NEVERTIRE JACK FLASH  AG2917 Supreme Awarded: 17/06/2011 Amanda Donnelly
MALAKAI NIZAHLA  SHF58 Supreme Awarded: 2/03/2012 Felicity Jane Manion
KERRILEA ELLA BACHE  APF1531 Supreme Awarded: 18/12/2012 Janelle Calder
HIGH CALIBRE  G24646 Supreme Awarded: 18/06/2013 Nicole Lee & Paul Troy Stubbs
CRUISE’N  PS22631 Supreme Awarded: 5/08/2013 Cornelia Fischer
CHARDONNAY PARK COPYKAT  G24079 Supreme Awarded: 26/11/2014 Prudence Carleen Daykin
NOBIS JULES (IMP NL)  PG24665 Supreme Awarded: 12/07/2015 Jazi French
CAZNA’S COUNTY HERCULES  G24072 Supreme Awarded: 9/09/2015 Marie Benson, Jody Pickering & Emma Trickey
BELLAWONGARAH BEAU  S24821 Supreme Awarded: 3/02/2016 Gregory Noel & Marilyn Joy Henry
TOP FANCY CARINA  F30186 Supreme Awarded: 12/05/2016 Erica, Alexandra & Colin Stotter
MALLEEGROVE MANDALLA  S23009 Supreme Awarded: 13/09/2017 Jessie & John Preece & Caroline Payne
BRAYLEA CENTRE STAGE  AF4011 Supreme Awarded: 13/11/2017 Erica, Alexandra & Colin Stotter