CRAVEFF | 2017 WAHO Trophy Winner

S24094 – Bay Stallion, 2005 (Mash / Bremervale Charmed)

Breeder: Kate Dertell, Future Farm

Owner: Kate and Doyle Dertell, Future Farm

The Crave Influence – within Australia and beyond.

The story of Crave FF begins long before he was even born. In 2001 Kate and Doyle Dertell made the decision to begin breeding purebred Arabian horses together. We knew we needed a superstar matriarch mare to start with and our search began. After several months of searching we found a stunning weanling filly that ticked all the boxes -that filly was Bremervale Charmed. We purchased Charmed that weekend and brought her home. Charmed was a super show horse in her time gaining multi Australian championship titles,
however her main duty for us was to prove herself as a brood mare. This she proved after being bred to Mash for her first foal being Crave FF.
Crave FF was an exquisite foal right from the start, always having something special about him which stayed with him as a future show horse. Crave won every major title in Australia on the east coast including state, QLD Challenge, Victorian Classic, National, East Coast, Australasian breeders cup and Australian champion -some of these multiple times. Then proven as a wonderful show horse, the most important challenge was to see if he would meet our ideals as a breeding stallion. A handful of mares were selected to try with Crave in his 2yo year and since then the results have surpassed all of our expectations and speak for themselves. Crave now, still a young stallion himself at 11 years of age has produced progeny that are winning across the globe. He has progeny in Australia, USA, Canada, UAE, New Zealand, Europe and the UK.
Not only a purebred sire, Crave FF has passed all tests as a super derivative sire, having produced multi national champions across most registries – once again not only as
Arabian halter horses, though performance horses winning in open competition and dressage at the highest levels.
Show ring beauty is unquestionably important, however his offspring are now old enough to be proven performance horses which they are excelling at, in both the show ring as well as endurance with many offspring already been sold into international endurance stables. Crave has proved that both himself and his progeny are highly regarded due to their intelligence and are super trainable easy horses. Crave is a great horse to have around and is ridden by children.