DESPERADO | 2016 WAHO Trophy Winner

S16103 – Bay Stallion, 1992 (WN Dasjmir / Bremervale Aquarius)

Breeders: G.M., P.W., W.A., D.R. & R.J. Toft & C.L. Burgess
Owner: Jill C. Toft, Bremervale Arabians

“From the day he was born, we knew that Desperado was special. So much so that he didn’t need a prefix to identify him. He was simply, Desperado, sired by WN Dasjmir (imported from USA) out of one of Bremervale’s special mares, Bremervale Aquarius. It is unquestionable that Desperado has been one of the most influential Arabian Stallions in Australian Arabian Horse history. Not only has he himself been a Queensland State Champion, Australian National Champion 2&3 year old colt as well as Reserve Australian National Champion Stallion, his progeny have proven to be just as successful across a wide range of disciplines, including halter, performance and endurance.
To this date, Desperado has sired more than ten Australian National Champions, six Reserve National Champions and over twenty Australian National Champion Top Tens. As well as being the grandsire of numerous Australian National Champions in both halter and performance. Most notably his grand-get Bremervale Loreal has won over seven Australian National Championship titles for performance. However, although it is clear that he has had a profound impact on the Australian Arabian scene; his influence extends far beyond our borders. His son, Bremervale Andronicus ++++// (Desperado x Bremervale Rhapsody) who was Australian National Champion Colt, is one of the leading Arabian Breeding Stallions in the US with Al Marah Arabians. Bremervale Andronicus has won two US National Champion Sport Horse in Hand titles and US National Champion Top Ten Western Pleasure Horse. He is one of the only stallions to be awarded a Legion of Masters and a Legion of Excellence and is the only winner of Masters and Excellence to have sired multiple winners of these two awards. In 2012 Andronicus was ranked third in the USA on the top sires for regional purebred winners, only behind Marwan Al Shaqab and DA Valentino. His progeny have now won over 30 US National Championships and Scottsdale Championships. Other notable stallions by Desperado in USA include Bremervale Enforcer and Rahere. Both these two stallions have left a profound impact on the Arabian industry in America with progeny winning Scottsdale Signature Classes, Scottsdale Championships and US National Championships.
Desperado has also proved himself as a leading endurance sire with his progeny winning numerous FEI Championships around the world, including Asia, the Middle East and Australia. Bremervale Lucille (exported to Malaysia won gold at the Sukma 80km FEI 1 star event. Further to this, Bremervale Arrogance was a Bronze Medal winner as a part of the Australian Youth Endurance Team at the 2011 World Youth Endurance Championships in Abu Dhabi. Bremervale Arrogance also won a team silver medal in the 2011 Trans-Tasman event held in South Australia, where he also won Best Conditioned and second place over the line. Furthermore Bremervale Arrogance held the Australian Record for the fastest qualifying ride for 120km FEI by an Australian Youth. Bremervale Savannah has now successfully made the transition from FEI 2 star endurance mare, to be an A-Class Champion under saddle. Her full brother Bremervale Bey Rafael is also an A-Class Champion Stallion under saddle. Desperado also has three progeny who completed the Tom Quilty Gold Cup before being exported to the UAE.
From Warwick Toft