Contact Information
901 Newbridge Road WOODSTOCK-ON-LODDON, VIC 3551
Stud Name:
Cazna's County Arabians
Previously Bred:
Purebred Arabians, Partbred Arabians, Arabian Ponies, Arabian Warmbloods
Bred within the last three years:
Purebred Arabians, Arabian Ponies, Partbred Arabians, Arabian Warmbloods
AHSA Judge Level:
National Panel Derivative Halter National Panel Performance National Panel Purebred Halter
Judging Appointments
AHSA Affiliated Shows in Australia
Year Name of Show State Divisions Judged
2012 Victorian Non-Pro SHow VIC
2013 Arabian Summer Show VIC
2016 VAHA Summer Show VIC All Ridden Sections and Non Pro Led
2016 All Stars All Breeds VIC Arabian/Derivative Halter and Ridden
2017 Western Districts Arabian Spectular VIC Non Pro and Crabbet Ring
2017 Albury Show NSW Arabian/Derivative Halter and Ridden
2017 The Goulburn Valley Arabian Horse Muster VIC
2018 Arabian Olympiad VIC Arabian/Derivative Halter and Ridden
2018 VAHA Inc Petstock Foal & Youngstock Show VIC Arabian/Derivative Halter
2019 CARABI Pre Royal VIC Arabian/Derivative Halter and Ridden
2019 Australian Arabian Youth National Championships NSW Arabian/Derivative Halter and Ridden
Other Equine Shows
Year Name of Show Location Divisions/Breeds/Discipines Judged
2013 Mildura Agricultural Show Mildura, VIC
2013 Magic Breeds Foal Show
2013 Horsham Agricultural SHow Horsham, VIC
2014 Nhill Agricultural Show Nhill, VIC
2015 Kingston Agricultural Show Kingston, VIC
2015 Boort Agricultural Show Boort, VIC
2016 Beaufort Agricutural Show Beaufort, VIC
Judges’ Seminars Attended
Year Name of Seminar Hosted By
2009 AHSA Judges Seminar AHSA
2010 AHSA Judges Seminar AHSA
2011 AHSA Judges Seminar AHSA
2012 AHSA Judges Seminar AHSA
2014 AHSA Judges Seminar AHSA
2016 AHSA Victorian Judges Seminar AHSA
2018 AHSA Judges Conference Melbourne – 2 Days AHSA