Contact Information
4 Bloomfield Street DALGETY, NSW, NSW 2628
Stud Name:
Bokani Arabians
Previously Bred:
Purebred Arabians, Arabian Ponies, Partbred Arabians, Arabian Warmbloods
Bred within the last three years:
Arabian Ponies
AHSA Judge Level:
Level 2 Derivative Halter Level 2 Performance Level 2 Purebred Halter
Judging Appointments
Australian National Arabian Championships
Year Divisions Judged
AHSA Affiliated Shows in Australia
Year Name of Show State Divisions Judged
Arabian Shows in New Zealand
Year Name of Show Location Divisions Judged
International Arabian Shows
Year Name of Show Country Divisions Judged
Other Equine Shows
Year Location Divisions/Breeds/Discipines Judged
2010 APPS Show
2014 Main Event South Australia Derivatives lead, ridden. Classic classes, youth classes, and ridden events
2018 New Zealand National Mini Horse Show Christchurch NZ Lead, performance, harness, trail, youth classes
2018 Cooma Agricultural Show NSW Breeds, ridden events
Judges’ Seminars Attended
Year Name of Seminar Hosted By