Contact Information
83-87 Lance Road Greenbank, QLD, QLD 4124
Stud Name:
Argon Arabians
Previously Bred:
Purebred Arabians, Anglo Arabians, Arabian Warmbloods
AHSA Judge Level:
National Panel (Internationally Qualified)
Internationally Qualified Judge:
Further Licenced To Judge:

NationalShow Horse Council, National EA Saddle Horse, ASH, National ANSA, Aust.Saddle Pony, Australian Hunter Horse,Pinto, Miniature Horse , Andalusian , Dilutes

Judging Appointments
Australian National Arabian Championships
2011 Derivative Halter & Saddle
2016 Purebred Halter, Derivative Halter & Saddle
AHSA Affiliated Shows in Australia
Year State
2012 National Capital Horse Show ACT Halter and Saddle
2013 East Coast Championships NSW Saddle
2015 Tasmanian All Breeds Show TAS Purebred Halter & Saddle & Hacks
2016 WA Arabian Championships WA Purebred and Derivative Halter & Saddle
2017 Tasmanian Arabian A Class Show TAS Purebred Halter & Saddle
2017 Crabbet Show NSW Purebred Halter and Saddle and Youth
2018 State Titles Show NSW Derivative Halter and Saddle
2018 Qld Challenge State Championships QLD All Youth Classes and Open Performance
2020 Arabian Valley Club Autumn Show QLD Purebreds Led and Ridden , Performance classes
2022 WA Arabian Breeders Showcase WA Purebreds & Derivatives Led and Ridden
2023 Double Diamond Show NSW Purebreds & Derivatives Led
Arabian Shows in New Zealand
Year Location
2011 Canterbury Royal Show NZ New Zealand Purebred and Derivative Halter & Saddle & Hunters & Hacks
2011 Hamilton Royal NZ Hamilton Purebred and Derivative Halter & Saddle & Hack Classes and Rider Classes
2015 Taranaki Arabian Show NZ Taranaki Halter & Saddle
International Arabian Shows
Year Name of Show Country Divisions Judged
Other Equine Shows
Year Location Divisions/Breeds/Discipines Judged
2011 Brisbane Royal National Show Brisbane Purebred & Derivative Halter & Saddle & ANSA Classes
2012 EA National Show Horse & Rider Championships Melbourne All Show Horse, Hunter & Rider Classes
2012 Paint Horse Championships Brisbane Halter and Saddle
2016 HOTY Northern Territory Darwin Halter and Saddle & Rider Classes
2016 NSW Hunter Horse State Championships Sydney Halter & Saddle
2017 Morgan Horse Nationals Brisbane Halter & Saddle
2017 Miniature Horse Nationals Tamworth Halter & Harness & Jumping
2017 Dilute State Championships Canberra All Dilutes Halter and Saddle
2018 Battle of the Boarders Show Show Horse Council National Qualifyer Albury Wondonga Hacks Galloways Ponies & Riders Classes
2018 Tas Spring Gala Show SHC National Qualifier Tasmania Hacks Galloways Ponies & Rider Classes
2018 Qld State Pinto Championships Gatton Led and Ridden
2018 Equestrian WA Horse of The Year Perth Hacks Galloways Ponies & Rider Classes
2019 Killarney Show Killarney Led and Pony Hack Classes
2019 Interschool Regionals Gatton Show Horse and Hunter and Rider Classes
2019 Grafton Show Grafton Hacks and Galloways and Riders
2019 Baroque Show Burpengary Baroque Breeds Led and Ridden
2019 Qld State Quarter Horse Show Gatton Led Hacks and Ridden and Hunters
2019 Charters Towers Show Charters Towers Led Breeds and Hacks and Riders
2019 Standardbreed QLD State Championships Gatton Led and Ridden and Harness
2019 Aust National Interschool Championships Sydney Ridden Hunter Classes
2019 National Capital Show Canberra Non Pro, Arabian Ponies, Hacks,Galloways and Ponies
2019 North Coast Nationals Lismore Lismore Led classes and Hacks , Champ of Champ
2019 Victorian Arabian Alliance Show Victoria Led and Ridden Shown by Youth , All Ridden Purebred and Derivatives Show Hunters and Open Performance.
2019 South Australian Arabian Championships SA Led and Ridden Shown by Youth , All Ridden Purebred and Derivatives Show Hunters and Open Performance
2019 N.Z. Miniature Horse Show Oamaru NZ Led and Performance
2019 Toowoomba Royal Toowoomba Aust Stud Ponies & Aust Saddle Ponies Led and Ridden
2020 Oakey Show Oakey Led and Ridden Stock Horses
2020 EQ Cup Park Ridge Led and Ridden
2020 EQ Horse of The Year Toowoomba Hacks Hunters and Rider Classes
2020 SA Horse of the Year Adelaide Leds Hacks and Hunters & Ride Classes
2022 Heavy Horse Championship Allora Ridden Classes
2022 Warwick Show Warwick Pony Hacks, Riders, Standardbreds
2022 Marburg Show Marburg Dilutes
2022 Bundaberg Show Bundaberg Hacks and Hunters & Stockhorses
2022 Caboolture Show Caboolture Stock Horses & Standardbreds & Hacks & Hunters & Harness
2022 Sunshine Coast Show Nambour Galloway hacks
2022 Quarter Horse Championships Gatton Hacks and Hunters
2022 Maryborough Youngstock Show Maryborough Breeds led and Ridden
2022 Pinto State Championships Gatton All Leds & Ridden & Open Performance
2022 WA United Breeds Show Perth Many Breeds Led and Riden
2022 Pinto Nationals Sydney Leds and Ridden
2022 EA Nationals Sydney Childs Classes Hacks, Hunters, Rider
2022 Beaudesert Show Beaudesert Arabians and Pintos
2023 Stanthorpe Show Stanthorpe Hacks Hunters & Rider Classes
2023 Anzac Show Park Ridge Galloway Hacks and Hunters
2023 Brookfield Show Brookfield Stockhorses Led & Ridden
2023 Bundaberg Show Bundaberg Pony Hacks and Hunters
2023 Marburg Show Marburg Arabians Dilutes Welsh
2023 Caboolture Show Caboolture Galloway Hacks
2023 Samford Show Samford Pony Hacks and Rider Classes
2023 Charters Towers Charters Towers Stockhorses and Hunters
2023 Canungra Show Canungra Dilutes Paints and Stock Horses
Judges’ Seminars Attended
Year Name of Seminar Hosted By
2017 Miniature Seminar Independent Miniature Horse Soc
2017 Equestrian Queensland Show Horse Equestrian Queensland
2017 Arabian Congress Sydney AHSA
2019 Arabian Congress Brisbane AHSA
2019 Equestrian Queensland Show Horse Equestrian Queensland
2019 Show Horse Council Qld Show Horse Council
2019 Riding Pony Society Qld Riding Pony Society
2020 Equestrian Queensland Show Horse Equestrian Queensland
2021 Zoom Arab Seminars All 3 Arabian Horse Society
2021 EQ Seminar & Show Horse Council EQ Show Horse
2022 EQ Zoom Seminar & Hack Council EQ Show Horse
2023 Zoom Hack Council Seminar Hack Council