Contact Information
475 Kellevie Rd, Kellevie, TAS 7176
Stud Name:
Baring Court Arabians
Previously Bred:
Purebred Arabians, Partbred Arabians, Arabian Ponies
Bred within the last three years:
Purebred Arabians, Arabian Ponies
AHSA Judge Level:
National Panel Derivative Halter National Panel Performance National Panel Purebred Halter
Judging Appointments
AHSA Affiliated Shows in Australia
2009 East Coast Arabian Championships NSW
2010 NSW State Titles NSW
2016 Victorian Arabian Classic VIC
2018 State Championships WA Purebreds and Derivative,Saddle
2018 SA Arabian Main Event SA
Arabian Shows in New Zealand
2010 NZ Auckland Spectacular Auckland
Other Equine Shows
2007 Summer Royal Melbourne
2010 Petstock Youngstock Show Melbourne
Judges’ Seminars Attended
2009 AHSA Judges Seminar AHSA
2010 AHSA Judges Seminar AHSA
2011 AHSA Judges Seminar AHSA
2016 AHSA Judges Seminar AHSA
2017 AHSA Judges Seminar AHSA