Contact Information
34 Cardwell Dr Nowra Hill, NSW 2540
Stud Name:
Cardwell Park
Previously Bred:
Arabian Ponies, Arabian Riding Ponies
Previously Bred:
Welsh B
Bred within the last three years:
Arabian Ponies, Arabian Riding Ponies
AHSA Judge Level:
National Panel Derivative Halter National Panel Performance National Panel Purebred Halter
Further Licenced To Judge:

Welsh Pony & Cob, Palomino, Dilutes, Buckskin, APSB

Judging Appointments
AHSA Affiliated Shows in Australia
Year Name of Show State Divisions Judged
2016 Arabs Inc Spring Show ACT Arabian and Derivatives
2016 The Frost Festival NSW Non Pro Arabian Derivatives
2017 The Frost Festival NSW Youngstock
2019 NSW Arabian State Titles NSW Derivative Halter, Non Pro Halter, Purebred Ridden, Western/Costume
2019 The Arabian Horse Weekend, Goulburn Valley VIC Purebred Halter, Purebred Ridden, Derivative Halter, Derivative Ridden, Showhunter, API, Sporthorse
2019 WAAHA Trilogy Show WA Ridden/Halter/Purebred/Derivatives
Other Equine Shows
Year Name of Show Location Divisions/Breeds/Discipines Judged
2015 Canterbury Welsh Show New Zealand Part Welsh
2015 National Dilutes Show Queensland Dilutes
2015 Berry Interschools Berry Open Hack/Open Rider
2016 AMPS Pony of Year NSW Miniature Ponies
2016 Hunter Valley Arabian Show NSW Coloured/Stockhorses
2016 AMPS Pony of the Year Sydney Miniatures
2017 QLD Arabian Saddle Horse of the Year Toowoomba Arabian, Derivative, API Saddle and Rider
2017 Hawkesbury Agricultural Show Sydney Arabians and Derivatives
2017 Camden Agricultural Show Sydney Coloured Ring
2017 Cobargo Agricultural Show Cobargo Open Hacks
2017 Pony Classic (Sthern RPG) NSW Hunter/Leading Rein/First Ridden/Coloured
2017 Camden Interschools Sydney Open Rider/Open Hacking (Secondary)
2018 Eurobodalla Spring Show Moruya Open Hacks/Breeds
2018 Camden Show Sydney Hunter Ring
2018 New Zealand Miniature ShowCase New Zealand Miniature ponies and horses
2018 Albion Park Agricultural Show Albion Park Arabs/Derivatives/Miniatures
2019 National Stud Horse & Pony Show APSB SIEC, Sydney Riding Pony, Arabian Derivative, Coloured, Led and Ridden
2019 Kangaroo Valley Agricultural Show Kangaroo Valley Shetlands, Harness, Miniature Ponies
2019 New Zealand Miniature Pony Show Case Christchurch, NZ Miniature Ponies, Horses and Harness
2019 Moss Vale Show Moss Vale, NSW Hacks, Lady/Gents Rider, Thoroughbreds
2019 IMHR Nationals Tamworth, NSW Miniature Horse/Ponies
Judges’ Seminars Attended
Year Name of Seminar Hosted By
2014 AHSA Judges Seminar – January AHSA
2014 AHSA Judges Seminar – Nov AHSA
2017 AHSA Judges Congress Sydney The Arabian Horse Judges and Officials Guild of Australia Pty Ltd.
2018 AHSA Judges Congress Melbourne The Arabian Horse Judges and Officials Guild of Australia Pty Ltd.
2019 AHSA Judges Congress Brisbane The Arabian Horse Judges and Officials Guild of Australia Pty Ltd.
2019 Welsh Pony & Cob Society WPCSOA