The Championship Features

The Purebred Arabian Championships

The Purebred Arabian Championships is the marquee showcase for the Arabian horse, not only at the Australian Arabian National Championships, but within the show scene across the continent. Celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2022, the Purebred Arabian Championships has been the core event around which all the breeds, disciplines and exhibitor skill levels have united to create the ultimate celebration of the Arabian & Arabian Derivative breeds at the Australian Arabian National Championships.

The Arabian Derivative Championships

The Arabian Derivative has been an essential component of the Arabian horse in Australia since the 1940’s, when the Anglo-Arabian registry was created to provide support for one of the world’s most celebrated combination of breeds: the crossing of the ancient noble Arabian horse with the aristocratic Thoroughbred. Since that time, seven more Arabian Derivatives registries and one performance register have been created domestically to encourage the breeding and wide-spread use of Arabian related equine athletes across a broad range of demanding endeavours and highly skilled disciplines.

The Non-professional Championships

An important element of the Australian Arabian National Championships is the focus on Non-Professional exhibitors, a demographic of great potential and expansive growth, towards which the Arabian Horse Society of Australia has dedicated considerable resources in an effort to introduce the Arabian horse both positively and proactively to the largest number of new owners, breeders and enthusiasts.

The Dressage Championships

While not classified as a separate section of the Australian Arabian National Championships, the Dressage Championships has steadily grown in both number of exhibits, as well as in prestige & popularity over the past decade. Both purebred Arabians & Arabian Derivatives excel in this Olympic sport, as do our Youth & Non-Pro exhibitors.

Ridden Championships

The Arabian Horse Society is pleased to utilize the Ridden Scorecard for Purebred Arabian & Arabian Derivative Ridden National Championships since 2016. Used to assess the Championship according to the class specifications of Type & Conformation (60%) and Performance (40%), the Ridden Scorecard will assess all exhibits on a scale of one (1) to ten (10) in the following categories.

Silver Snaffle

A perpetual favourite, the Silver Snaffle feature the best young saddle horses (aged 4 & 5 years only) in both the Arabian and Arabian Derivative divisions.

The Youth Arabian Championships

The very best of our youth from around the Nation, competing in atmosphere of enjoyment, education, strong competition and sportsmanship. The AHSA is strongly committed to our Youth. Our objectives are to promote Arabians as ideal youth horses and to support and encourage youth involvement with Arabian horses both competitively and recreationally.

The AHSA has recently formalised Youth Group Sub-Committees and have welcomed a new Arabian Horse Youth Group.

We wish all our youth competitors the very best of luck.

Honour Roll

A complete list of Australian Arabian National Champions since 1982 has been compiled on the AANC Honour Roll.