The Arabian Horse Society is pleased to utilize the Ridden Scorecard for Purebred Arabian & Arabian Derivative Ridden National Championships since 2016. Used to assess the Championship according to the class specifications of Type & Conformation (60%) and Performance (40%), the Ridden Scorecard will assess all exhibits on a scale of one (1) to ten (10) in the following categories:

Type & Conformation (60%)

  • Arabian Breed (purebreds) or Saddle (Arabian Derivative) Type & Quality (20%)
  • Conformation & Balance (10%)
  • Presentation (10%)
  • Soundness & Quality of Movement (20%)

Performance (40%)

  • Paces | Walk-Trot-Canter (10%)
  • Manners (10%)
  • Edcuation (10%)
  • Execution of Workout (10%)

The Ridden Scorecard will be used to assess all purebred Arabian & Arabian Derivative Ridden Arabian Mares, Geldings & Stallions across all breeds, utilising all three judges on the Performance Panel. All qualified exhibits will compete collectively on the circle and in an individual workout in the Championship Final, receiving a score from each judge using the Ridden Scorecard. These scores will be totalled to determine the Gold, Silver & Bronze National Champions, as well as the remainder of the Top Five/Top Ten in each division.

The Ridden Scorecard will also be used to adjudicate all Arabian, Arabian Derivative & API Ridden Championships in the Non-Pro division on Thursday, adjudicated by a three-person panel.

Please click on the link below to download a PDF of the Rules & Conditions for the 2021 Australian Arabian National Championships.