Ineligible Sires and Transactions Suspended

If you own Arabians or intend buying one, read the following for your own protection. If you intend a transaction involving a listed horse, contact the AHSA Ltd on the matter.

Ineligible Sires

The progeny of the stallions listed below will not be registered until matters pertaining to these horses have been resolved. This list is by no means exhaustive. Breeders unsure of the stallion’s status or contemplating using these stallions are advised to contact the Registrar prior to service.

Greenmantle Shomah (S23667)
Avondale Peter Pan (PS12331)
Badia Dirty Dancer (PS19782)
Bessona Zardom (S15786)
Corfu Park Baron (S11792)
Crystal Brook Ban-Lee (S10783)
El Johara (S14661)
Jarl (S1518)

Joda Desert Storm (C1793)
Kargina Regent (S7105)
Kevisan Park Bishara (S8215)
Marja Shakhir (S14164)
Moravian Shalim (S14266)
Regal Poetry In Motion (AWG354)
Rondeburn Yanos (S3322)
Sabtah Hadi (S10782)

Sarangani Limelight (S12594)
Sea Breeze Wildfire (PS10566)
Shahdan Jewel (PS18838)
Soryan (AS2045)
Spring Lodge Moonshine (S19653)
Talika Sahnid (S11321)
The Harlequin (PS20246)
Wagga Dekota (S8186)

When considering using imported Arabian/Arabian Derivative semen please contact the Society for the correct agent.

Transactions Suspended

As the owners or lessees’ Society memberships have been terminated, all transactions pertaining to the following horses have been suspended:

Arabian Park Emress (F5343)
Arabian Park Hakima (F3195)
Badia Gha Zal (F14204)
Barclitre Giselle (APF1049)
Bedweena Hakimi (F13288)
Belbowrie Stephanotis (F1931)
Benalta Saski (F11741)
Bennelong Beau (G8450)
Bennelong El Naseri (S7115)
Bennelong Jewel (F12147)
Bennelong Nafila (F12148)
Bennelong Nile Queen (F13150)
Bennelong Ranee (PF19196)
Bennelong Razeena (F9053)
Bennelong Silver King (S10440)
Bennelong Silverlight (S7117)
Bennelong Starlet (F13171)
Bennelong Starlight (G8503)
Bennelong Sundowner (S8451)
Bint Astro (APF824)
Bint Safire (F11005)
Castlereagh Spiritual (F16329)

Cherokee Desert Ray (F1108)
Cote Liberty Valance (PG11266)
Damanda Kaaluha (PG22803)
Dove Cote Ibn Rizsala (G6763)
El Aflame (AF3216)
El Barak Zuleika (F4653)
Gay Countess (F1745)
Glint of Silver (F296)
Heathdale Kai (F8098)
Heathdale Kumare (F5988)
Heathdale Majid (S8098)
Indian Crystal (G1161)
Inshallah Souvenir (C1774)
Kama Aulani Cherub (APF948)
Kama Aulani Hilal Kamar (APF760)
Kama Om (APS786)
Kama Spring Song (F10028)
Kamija (F11004)
Kasims Jewel (APF677)
Lawes Wodella (F5637)
Moondbray Mimosa (F9877)
Moondbray Shalina (F7063)

Moonique (F4655)
Myrimbah Emma (APF597)
Myrimbah Libertie (APF733)
Namif (F2093)
Oxford Jeanne (F13098)
Pimpala Madeira (F2797)
Rakthena (F4050)
Ramalea Captain Starlight (PG23115)
Reyna (F770)
Sahih Hijmi (APF823)
Santarabia Nyella (F3176)
Talisman Kinzette (G3884)
Talisman Pallas Athene (F3349)
Tarcel Standing Ovation (APS1515)
The Amir Al Omrah (S10762)
Touch of Hope (APF1034)
Trincada New Campaign (APS741)
Warrawee Jamila (F5533)
Woongabeena Wanoa (F12294)
Woongabeena Yoorana (F13627)
Zamila (F5827)

Cancelled and Amended Registrations

Castlereagh Siren (F16505) – this mare has been de-registered.
Robinet (F742) [Sire: Sindh (imp UK) S180].
Sanroblee Asmarin (F7535) – Sire is Cool Hand Luke (imp UK) (S2062) and not Simaran (S150).

This list is correct at the time of publishing on the website.  It is always advisable to check any concerns you may have with a horse with the Registrar before committing yourself.