Judge's Education

As a starting point for the Judge’s Education page the JOC has interviewed a number of internationally recognised judges from overseas on their personal experiences when judging.  In particular the international judges have been asked to tailor their advice to new or probationary Australian judges.  The interviews provide an insight into some of the different pressures judges may face judging domestically and internationally, ethical issues and considerations, trends in the industry and some common sense tips.

The JOC will also continue to roll out a broader range of interviews with internationally recognised judges on issues such as Type, Movement and Conformation. Other specialists such as riding and performance horse judges will also be interviewed on the Judge’s Education page.  The JOC is aiming to build up a wide range of interviews to help all levels of judges.  We would encourage all levels of judges to take the time to watch them.

Interview with Janet Court (UK)

Janet Court is an international ECAHO judge and an A level DC.  Janet is the show manager of the UKIAHS – the UK’s only A International Arabian Show and was previously the show manager of the prestigious Saudi Arabian PSAIAHF Show in Riyadh.  Janet has judged at many high level shows throughout the UK, Europe, Middle East and Australia.  Janet draws on her wealth of experiences as a judge, DC and show manager to provide insights and tips for our Australian judges.

Interview with Jonas Salzmann

Jonas Salzmann, Bait Al Arab Stud, Kuwait.  A National judge from Kuwait Jonas has at a relatively young age gained the respect of his peers and show committees in many countries for his eye for a horse and his considered and ethical approach to judging.  He offers a slightly younger perspective on some of the issues you may face when judging.  Jonas visited Australia in 2019 to judge at the inaugural VADOBA show and made many friends during his visit.

Interview with Jacquie Webby (NZ)

Jacquie is a familiar face in Australia as she is often sought after to judge at our shows including our Australian Arabian National Championships.  Jacquie has lived and worked overseas in many countries, visited many studs and shows and is a journalist by profession.  She is the past president of the New Zealand Arab Horse Breeders Society and amongst many articles published is the co-author of Hoofprints in History published by the AHSA.

Jacquie’s interview focuses on what Australian judges may expect when they visit New Zealand for the first time to judge.  International travel can be daunting at times for many judges but Jacquie’s common sense observations and approaches should help judges when visiting New Zealand.