Judges Information and Forms
Rules and Regulations of The AHSA Ltd. for AHSA Ltd. Judges
This form explains the procedures on becoming a judge, the requirements for becoming a judge and how to proceed with upgrading once you are a judge.
To be completed and lodged by all Judge Candidates prior to consideration by the JOC.
Judges Upgrade Request Forms
To be completed and lodged by AHSA Panel Judges wishing to upgrade to a higher level.
These Upgrade Forms may be submitted at any time.
Judges Return & Re-Accreditiation
A Judges Annual Return must be completed and lodged by each AHSA Panel Judge annually.
Each judge is responsible for updating their Judge Profile on the website with details of shows judged and seminars attended, this information replaces the ”old” paper Returns.
Seminars and workshops will be organised periodically by the JOC and attendance is required in order to remain accredited.
Updating your Judges’ Profile
All judges have been emailed a user name and temporary password, please search for an email from vrunda@spgraphics.com.au to locate this. You can change the password to something you can remember. Once logged in, there are instructions about updating the information. Should you be unable to navigate the system please email secretary@ahsa.asn.au for assistance