SARISHA | 2010 WAHO Trophy Winner

G22219 – grey gelding, 1986 (Saran / Mareshah)

Breeders: Michael and Judith Bourke

Owner: Christopher and Keryn Mahoney
When I was told Sarisha (Saran x Mareshah) was chosen by the Arab Horse Society of Australia as the winner of their 2010 World Arabian Horse Organization (WAHO) Trophy, I felt a rush of mixed emotions.
Pride in him for his achievement, amazement that he was to be awarded this prestigious honour and humility and gratitude for literally giving me the ride of my life. All of that, mixed with a flood of love and respect for the greatest horse I ever had the pleasure of partnering.
Looking back I recall Sarisha on the day we met as a 15.1hh, well conformed grey gelding. I remember him then as a wily, rangy, determined Arabian with a glint in his eye and a fondness for himself and it seems like only yesterday! But that was back in 1991. Who would have thought in 2011 that I’d be reflecting on him successfully completing 16,679 endurance kilometres and being the 2010 WAHO Trophy Horse for Australia?
Sarisha’s endurance career spans 17 awesome, fun-filled years from 1992 to 2009.The record states he was AERA National Distance Horse in 1997, 1999, and 2001.In 1999 alone he achieved 2,000km. There are 161 successful ride completions to his credit, including thirty-seven 160km events, notably including eleven 160km Tom Quiltys and one 400km Shahzada Marathon.
If ever there was a horse with a ‘can do’ attitude it surely has to be Sarisha. His stamina is incredible. He’s never baulked, jacked up, or refused to take up a challenge and is happy being ridden any time, day or night, at home or during an event.
Sarisha has a remarkable mindset and he’s a great climber. They say ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’, for Sarisha that’s absolutely true. Although he loves a challenge he’s very much a solo horse, content to travel under saddle without another equine companion, and if in company he’s delighted to be the lead horse of the group. His ears are forever fixed forward while he strides out joyfully and maintains his interest in the job at hand.
Even in semi-retirement he sits in poll position as my favourite horse. Sarisha is very sound, has never required medicinal support or interventions either pre or post competition, and has continually demonstrated his ongoing ability to back up ride after ride.
He is an athletic, aloof horse, a special horse, and the horse of my heart. I am sure he’s my once in a lifetime horse. He is my beloved and trusted friend, I know he’s a gem and he’s my absolute treasure!
More recently Kerryn said: Sarisha’s last ride was the Tonimbuk Victorian Quilty in September 2009 at the ripe old age of 22yrs 11mths. He spent the rest of his life being chief babysitter to many of our young stock until he passed away at 29 years.
We bred with his full sisters Nevara and Elphyn Sara, both of who have bred endurance horses. ( Nevara has an impressive 10 offspring who became endurance horses). One of these offspring is my current mount Tonki Dee Boo Pricilla, who has now completed 5 quilties.
from Keryn Mahoney.