SIMEON SAADA | 2020 WAHO Trophy Winner

F16190 – Grey (born black) Mare, 1990 (Asfour x Simeon Safanad)

Breeder and Owner: Marion Richmond

The news that Simeon Saada was awarded the 2020 WAHO Trophy for Australia was received with great enthusiasm and celebration by everyone at Simeon Stud. Saada remains a favourite at Simeon, while epitomising the classic Arabian mare I envisioned when the journey towards an exclusively Straight Egyptian breeding program began in 1976. Saada is a living testament to the original Simeon Straight Egyptian foundation stock, tracing directly in just the second generation to the legendary 27 Ibn Galal 5, imported from Babolna Stud in Hungary, through her dam, the equally iconic Simeon Safanad, while being further immortalised as a direct daughter of the late great Asfour, Australia’s leading Straight Egyptian sire originally imported from Dr. Nagel in Germany.

Simeon Saada has proven herself an exceptional producer over her breeding lifetime, with progeny and descendants exported all around the world, and with many more remaining as essential members of the Simeon breeding programme. Her legacy continues to thrive at Simeon Stud through her son Simeon Samech (by Anaza Bay Shah), as well as through daughters Simeon Sepharad (by Asfour) and Simeon Saadia (by Imperial Madaar), and granddaughters Simeon Shafiyah (by Simeon Shifran) and Simeon Shade (Mulayh Ibn Maareesa), Simeon Suzette, Simeon Susula and Simeon Sayit (all by Simeon Samech). I look forward to the continuing contribution the descendants of Simeon Saada will inevitably play in the future success of the Simeon Stud.

To both WAHO and the AHSA, I extend a deep debt of gratitude for honouring Saada and the Simeon programme with this prestigious award. To have her still in our presence is the greatest gift – Saada will turn thirty years old this August, and remains as radiant and as inspiring as ever.