Greg Liddle has been President of the NSWAHA for the past five years. He has proven to be a team leader as well as a team worker, never asking anybody to do anything he is not prepared to do himself.

Greg works tirelessly for the Arabian breed as a whole not favouring any particular section.

Greg has bred horses and ponies all of his life and successfully shown everything from Shetlands to Thoroughbreds. His passion being Arabians and Australian Ponies.

He is a National Panel Arabian judge, a Federal Panel Australian Pony Stud Book judge as well as an  Australian Saddle Pony Association Life Member and Federal Panel Judge.

Greg has been employed most of his working life in the food industry both within the Australian Government (AQIS) and private enterprise. He has also successfully managed several small food businesses. More recently he has, along with his partner purchased a grazing property in southern tablelands where they run Merino sheep as well as their Arabians.

Greg’s passion for the Arabian breed combined with his business acumen and work ethic make him an asset to the society and its members.