I have a long-term involvement and love of Arabian horses having owned and bred purebreds and derivatives for over 35 years with my family members. My family continues to remain active in our state show scene through SAARABS Inc. I also remain active through various committee positions including as Vice-Chair of SAARABS Inc and as a committee member of the Arabian Horse Connection, NSW club.

Many in the Arabian community know me as a ring announcer. I have been fortunate to announce at many of our most prestigious shows such as the Australian Arabian Championships. However, I also announce a wide range of State and regional shows. Announcing at such a wide range of events keeps me actively in touch and engaged with the Arabian Horse community. I hear at a grass roots level the issues impacting all members.

I have a diverse professional business background and have previously been the Manager of the Harbours and Marine Business Unit of Marine Construction company in South Australia. Currently I am the Manager of their IT and Facilities Unit These roles have seen me demonstrate a wide range of financial and business skills, corporate governance understanding and to provide opportunities to grow the business while maintaining multimillion-dollar budgets.

My proven skills both professionally and individually using social media platforms in a positive way has helped these businesses grow and exceed expectations.

However, it has also seen me using these skills in a number of Board positions and in Arabian clubs such as being Publicity Officer and the provision of newsletters and generating informative and positive messaging.

My aim as a Board member has always been and continues to be to ensure that our breed is promoted in a positive light. I have the long-term experience both professionally and as an active Arabian Horse Society member to promote the Arabian horse to a wider audience and at the same time contribute positively to the day to day running of the AHSA Board.

Finally, my passion is for Arabians to still be the horse of choice for our grandchildren and future generations.