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With well over 40 years of involvement with the Arabian horse, Glenys has been both a breeder and exhibitor of generations of champion purebred Arabians and Arabian Derivatives in the show ring under the Foxwood Farms banner, excelling across multiple disciplines both in-hand and under saddle. Glenys has served the continental Arabian horse industry as a well-respected National Panel Judge for more than two decades, with significant experience gained adjudicating all of the breeds, divisions and disciplines under the jurisdiction of the Arabian Horse Society, as well as many of those affiliated with a multitude of other equine breeds and disciplines throughout Australasia. Glenys currently serves on the Committee of the New South Wales Arabian Horse Association, the largest member affiliate in the country, as a very engaged and active member of the Promotions & Outreach sub-committee. For the past several years, Glenys has used her natural creativity and artistic ability to serve the wider equine community as a versatile and talented photographer, sharing her passion for equine sport and competition at a broad range of events throughout Australia. Actively engaged in the worldwide equine community, Glenys continues to travel to elite Arabian, as well as other equine, events around the world, keeping abreast of developments and changes in the international equine industry, while broadening her understanding of Australia’s position within the global marketplace.

Pertaining to professional business qualifications outside the equine industry, Glenys has more than 30 years experience as a self-starting entrepreneur developing and managing an award winning small business within the hospitality sector. Honing the skills of financial planning, budgeting, bookkeeping, accounts management, strategic planning, product distribution, staff management and customer service, Glenys brings to the Board of Directors, as well as to the Arabian Horse Society of Australia and the entire national Arabian community, a proven track record of successful business experience necessary to capably and effectively serve in a position of leadership. Her tireless energy, positive outlook and abundant enthusiasm for the Arabian horse and the greater equine community, both at home in Australia as well as around the world, further enhance her qualifications as a proactive and productively engaged team member on the AHSA Board of Directors. Glenys’s vision for the future of the Arabian horse in Australia is to raise awareness and increase the brand identity of the breed to the local market and the average Australian. In doing so, we as a Society position the Arabian horse and the Arabian Derivative as the breed of choice for families, youth, first-time horse owners and non-professional horse enthusiasts seeking long-term enjoyment with and active involvement in the equine industry. Promoting the image of the Arabian / Arabian Derivative breeds positively and proactively is her highest priority.