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I am very happy to have been nominated for a position on the Board of Directors of the Arabian Horse Society of Australia Ltd.
Arabian horses have been my passion since I was a child. Some of my fondest memories as a child are of attending Arabian horse shows, around the country, most often as spectator and helper but it was a supportive environment and I remember everyone being friendly and having a lot of fun.
Currently my husband Silvio and I run Jesris and Kharine Arabians in Lancefield Victoria where we breed, educate and campaign Arabians and Arabian Derivatives to the highest level.
My training and experience as both a secondary school teacher and corporate trainer have given me a broad range of skills both practical and personal. I believe that these skills, coupled with my experiences in different areas of the equine industry would be an asset to the AHSA Ltd.
I am a progressive thinker who is open to different opinions and ideas. I am honest, practical, hardworking and can work autonomously or as part of a team in order to achieve set goals. I am constructive when solving problems and see no place for destructive negativity.
Good communication plays an integral role in being successful. If elected I will be available for open dialogue where members can express concerns and suggestions which can be relayed to the Board. I will be happy to attend affiliate meetings and events if invited.
Members of the Society play a vital role in keeping our Society financially viable and sustainable in the years ahead. Therefore we must establish and nurture open lines of communication and transparency and between the Board and members.
We need to apply new and fresh ideas to help combat the decline in our sector of the equine industry and take positive steps to improve the situation.
As Arabian horse owners we have a common interest and need to be united in the promotion of our breed, no matter what our preferred pursuit. We must respect what others choose do with their Arabians and promote the breed’s versatility. If elected I plan to work hard to promote our breed to the wider horse community in an effort to grow our membership and strengthen our Society.
The youth are our future and so need to be a priority for the society, no matter what their chosen discipline. They need support to develop their skills and must be encouraged in every way possible. Who better to promote our breed than our youth. If they are not supported, achieving success or most importantly having fun, we will lose them to other breed societies or other leisure pursuits.
I would like to see the Society return to basics, simplify some of the processes, procedures and rules. Keep it simple and fair, keep it affordable and fun, all in an effort to keep it alive and prospering for years to come.