The AHSA is highly motivated and strongly committed to our Youth. Our younger generation, if nurtured correctly will be our ambassadors and future breeders and exhibitors into the future. Our objectives are to promote Arabian horse as the ideal youth horse, and to support and encourage youth involvement with Arabian horses, both competitively and recreationally.

Youth Groups

The AHSA has some established Youth Group Sub-Committees and are looking into the viability of increasing these members to have groups in all our States and Territories 

The concept for these groups is to conduct regular training days, information days, and rally days. We are hopeful to also conduct some fun events and catch ups at some of our shows during the year. We are interested in welcoming new groups into the fold and if any members are interested in becoming a group representative for your State/Territory, please contact the Youth Sub-Committee Chair, Kerry Frame.  

Become a Youth Ambassador

We have many new ideas to involve and promote our youth. We are looking for youth members who would like to represent their State/Territory as a “Youth Ambassador”. This role requires a passion to promote our younger members and their horses in all disciplines.

  • The Arabian Family Pleasure Horse/Pony
  • The Arabian Dressage Horse
  • The Arabian Pony Club Horse.
  • The Arabian Endurance Horse
  • The Arabian Camp Draft Horse
  • The Arabian Equestrian Sport Horse
  • The Arabian Trail Horse
  • The Arabian Eventing Horse
  • The Arabian Companion Horse
  • what else to you do with your Arabian Horse or Pony.

If you think you would like to try and write short stories, take some pictures and promote the Arabian horse, and especially the youth in your state or area then contact us for details.

Victorian Arabian Horse Youth Group
Queensland Arabian Horse Youth Group

If you are in another state and you would are interested in starting an Arabian Horse Youth Group, please contact the AHSA Office for more information.

Arabian Horse Society of Australia Focus on Youth Article written by Kate Luckock for Horse Scene Magazine