State Youth Representatives

NSW Team Leader – Makayla Hopwood


Hi my name is Makayla Hopwood I’m 18 years old from Sydney Australia.  I was introduced to the Arabian breed at a very young age through family and have loved them ever since.

My first Arabian was Diamond Road Supremacy (Ray Of Light x Fortissma KEI) now a 12 year old Partbred Arabian gelding who we have owned since he was a yearling! Together we have been to pony club, dressage, ag shows, high level arabian shows, jumping days and XC clinics.

I also have an 11 year old API, Signature Incognito – (Signature Armaani x Romantic Star), although being a warmblood.  I really enjoy competing at Arabian shows so when we found out we could register him API, we were super happy we could bring him along to these shows! Together we have won many rider classes, Australian Champion API and East Coast Champion API both led and ridden and are now planning to head over to the dressage ring!

Last but not least my beautiful Triumph MI (MI Klassique x A Love Note MI) yearling Arabian gelding just about to hit the ring this show season!

One thing that attracts me to the Arabian, is I have been lucky enough to have had some great people helping me learn about them. There are so many people happy to offer their time and knowledge to ensure the youth continue to learn.  My love for the Arabian breed will never stop, they continue to show how they are the perfect versatile breed for any rider!  I am very excited for what the future will bring us and looking forward to to helping youth reach goals in the near future.