Arabian Ambassador

Awarded annually to an Arabian who best exemplify the spirit, attributes and excellence of the Arabian breeds, specifically those who demonstrate considerable positive exposure for the Arabian & Arabian Derivative Breeds within the greater equine community as well as to the general public.

Horses participating in all disciplines of equine sport from Pony Club to Olympic level competition, as well as those involved in equine therapy and rehabilitative services will be equivalently considered by the current AHSA Bord during the selection process.

Breeding horses, especially those with a significant number of progeny that are serving or have served as breed ambassadors within the greater equine community, are also eligible to receive this prestigious honour.

To be eligible, the nominated horse must be:
  • Living
  • Registered with the AHSA
  • Bred & domiciled in Australia
  • Be owned by a financial AHSA member
  • Nominated by any financial AHSA member

The AHSA Ambassador Award, in both the purebred Arabian & Arabian Derivative categories, shall be awarded ONLY ONCE to any eligible horse in its lifetime.

2023 Arabian Ambassador – Mia Bella MA
Previous Arabian Ambasssador Award Recipients